VoIP or Voice over IP

VoIP is the innovative technology with the potential to revolutionize the world’s phone system.

TTS Series IP PBXs

  • TTS-300: basic model and supports 3 features.
  • TTS-500: supports the most common features.
  • TTS-700: most powerfull version of our PBX that supports all features and can connect with other TTS-700 in high availibility.

Servers with immidiate activation and the option of purchasing added features. Supported by all IP phones in the market and use SIP technologies. All of the phones included in our package are from the renowned brands Grandstream and Cisco. The servers can connect via Analogic lines, PRI or SIP Trunk to the public switch telephone network or PSTN.

Grandstream Certified Reseller

We are a certified reseller of the Grandstream Technologies that offers a variety of IP Phones from the most economic to the higher end models with features that incluides video calls amosgst others.

Older Models or Brands With Analog Phones? We can help too..

If you have analog phones, old PBX systems or other IP Phone brands and want to reuse them to save money but would also like to take advantage of all the new technology features in the world of modern telecommunications… We can do it!.

We Can Help You!

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