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Data Migration

There are many reasons businesses may need to migrate content.  The most common reasons include:

  • modernizing your legacy system,
  • implementing a new application,
  • upgrading to a newer version of an existing software, or
  • consolidating data from different sources to obtain a single version of truth.

Team Tech Solutions understands the customer’s special data management and migration requirements. We apply tested and proven migration methodologies to move your company data. First we will cleanse, re-duplicate and consolidate your data before starting the migration process.

Services We Offer

As part of our data migration services we offer to:


  • review and develop your organization’s data retention policy,
  • design the site hierarchy and lists in the new application,
  • define and categorizes different content types,
  • identify and design content navigation structure, and
  • migrate the existing content into the new application or technology.


How We Deliver

We find that amongst the excitement of implementing a new application, the significance of accurately sorting and migrating data is often overlooked. By the time businesses realize their folly, it is too late to retrieve the lost information. Team Tech Solutions, is a Microsoft partner with a team of migration experts focused on offering companies a pain-free data migration strategy.

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