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Our Cloud Products

Digital Phones, PBX with Call Center, CRM, Digital Fax and more.

Sky PC & TTS Servers

In-house custom brand Servers, PC’s for office, home and video edition.

Prices vs Quality

Our products offer high quality and low  prices.

Cloud Security

Fully encrypted with SSL guarantees a  secured data enviroment.

The Perfect →

We have a wide catalog available for TTS Servers. For telephone systems we offer the PBX models TTS-100, TTS-300, TTS-500 and TTS-700, each comes with different features but all have the most common functionalities of any PBX on the market. These servers can be connected to your SIP Trunk, PRI, analogic lines or others. We can also customize the servers to meet the needs of our clients.

PBX model TTS-700

This is our most powerfull design of all PBX’s models. It supports greatier premier features such as CRM, Call-Center System, Billing Management, Email Server, Digital Fax, External Extensions, SharePoint, Web Hosting  and much more! You can start off by buying the standard server and later on you can get added features as you may need it.

Sky Gamer PC

Our own brand of computers have the most advanced hardware in the market. Computers for home or office starting at only $299.00. Our special Sky Gamer PC is designed for our customers to play the most powerful and premiered games.

Advantages of TTS Cloud

We offer PBX hosting with all the channels and DIDs you will need for your business calls. With our monthly service plan, you will benefit with added features such as having web access to all of your call records and digital fax. Other services offered in our Cloud include CRM (customer relationship manager) and Call-Center with powerful tools that will boost your sales, marketing and customer service. The true benefits of cloud computing will shock you.

Product Summary

We are all about options, features and possibilities.

PBX Servers

These servers come in 5 diferents models and some have features that can be activated with configuration after your inicial purchase. You will not need to buy a new server to enjoy additional features.. Click here to read more…

Sky Gamer PC

This is our PC brand that comes with two options. The Sky PC is the preferred choice for your Home or Office, whereas the Sky Gamer PC is equipped with the best performance for Gamers and Professionals that require more demanding power. Click here to read more…

TTS Cloud

Offering a variety of products hosted in our infrastructure and created in a secured data center with Microsoft Azure. All of your data is backed up on a second data center. Click here to read more…

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