Managed servers

There are generally three options with the deployment of your servers. Either on-site, as a private cloud or a public cloud. You also have the option of using hybrid cloud hosting of your servers. This is the preference for a lot of our clients, as they want to take advantage of security and cost-cutting at the same time. We will advise, and ultimately manage all your servers. No more worries about how each one of your servers will be kept afloat and running at maximum capacity.

Managed network

With a seamless end-to-end managed network service, Empower IT Solutions helps ensure that your networks are running smoothly and efficiently all year. We provide the best tools and skills around the clock to keep your business network requirements up-to-date. Once again, your options with the level of managed network services are vast, and tie in with a number of our other solutions in order to provide your business with comprehensive management of your infrastructure.

ITIL compliant

We use Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) components in all of our planning, implementation and measurement. From very specific service level agreements to escalation procedures, we have been ensuring that our clients are looked after from the beginning, through to the end of all our contractual agreements, all of which are under our clients’ terms.

Miami-Based Engineers

Our engineers are skilled, experienced and ready to go. Whether it be on-site or remote support, our engineers are more than qualified to support all the requirements of your infrastructure.

Monthly reports

Your business will receive a monthly update on all the consumption, activities, changes, and resolutions. This is so that all our work is completely transparent, and we determine how your usage can be altered if necessary, as the contract progresses.  We give you peace of mind that your systems are secure.

Scheduled maintenance

Scheduled maintenance includes applying patches, performing health checks, checking error logs and doing a back-up restore test. In most cases, you receive a monthly or quarterly report which highlight any issues that were fixed or need immediate attention.


Reduced costs

In the case of an emergency, many businesses tend to find it near impossible to recover if their infrastructure is destroyed. For this reason, our managed IT infrastructure solution works like clockwork for the business that values business continuity and would like to ensure that costs are forecast and manageable.

Maximize performance

TTS (Team Tech Solutions) will advise you on the new trends and options in the technological world to ensure that your business is getting the best bang for your buck! In turn, the high level infrastructure that you have access to, is kept running smoothly and efficiently.

Full time coverage of your equipment

As a business, when your equipment begins to malfunction, the thought of losing all your data, is quite daunting. Whether it be during your quiet periods or the busiest of times, ensuring that your equipment is monitored and managed day-in, day-out becomes necessary.


TTS (Team Tech Solutions) relieves your company of the worry. We become your IT team for a fraction of the cost and always have somebody available throughout the year to respond to your queries and manage your IT components.