Microsoft 365 Apps and Packages

Microsoft 365 can accommodate various needs and transform the way you do business.
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Microsoft 365 Apps and Packages


Microsoft 365 is a cloud subscription service that gives users the ability to access company apps and resources from any internet-enabled device. This service doesn’t merely offer online versions of Microsoft Office; rather, it’s a full suite of business tools designed to increase collaboration, flexibility, and efficiency. No matter what industry you’re in, Microsoft 365 can accommodate various needs and transform the way you do business. 

Microsoft 365 components

While Microsoft 365 offerings will vary based on the package you subscribe to, here are the key services and applications you can expect: 

Office 365 Office apps – include web and desktop versions of Microsoft’s software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote.  

OneDrive for business icon OneDrive for Business – is a cloud-based file storage platform that allows users to back up, sync, and share files through their Microsoft account. Depending on the Microsoft 365 subscription plan, you can get between 1 TB and unlimited file storage per user. 

Microsoft Teams icon Teams – is a business collaboration hub where users can communicate through instant messages, group channels, HD audio and video calls, and web conferences. It also integrates with Microsoft productivity apps and best-in-class enterprise software so you and your employees can collaborate on documents and stay organized all in one place.  

Microsoft Exchange Online icon Exchange Online – is essentially a Microsoft-hosted version of email server software. That means Microsoft manages the underlying infrastructure of Exchange services, while your business can enjoy seamless communications and flexible control over email settings.  

SharePoint Online icon SharePoint Online – is used to create team sites where users can share and coauthor files, manage content, search archives for relevant information, and gain business insights to make better-informed decisions. These features enable your business to work as one cohesive unit. 

Planner icon Planner – lays out project workflows through visual dashboards and drag-and-drop task cards, helping your teams to stay in sync. In these dashboards, users can create plans, schedule and assign tasks, draft interactive to-do lists, share files, and track job progress. 

power apps icon PowerApps – is an intuitive custom app builder that lets you create useful business tools from a wide array of templates. Simply click on the functions you need, test the software, and integrate it with your proprietary systems. 

power automate icon Power Automate – is an intuitive business process automation that allows you to create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services. Instead of writing code, use the point-and-click flow designer to build out your business logic  

Microsoft’s Security and Compliance Centre – offers several features that minimize the risk of security breaches and noncompliance penalties. This includes security and compliance monitoring, email filtering, data loss prevention policies, advanced threat protection, access management, and more. 

Advanced Audit – allows companies to keep audit records in various Microsoft services like Exchange, SharePoint, and Active Directory. These audits track which files were accessed, when, and by whom, so your company can detect and address intrusions early. 

Benefits of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is such a widespread cloud solution, primarily because it makes enterprise-level services more accessible to everyone. Not only that, but Microsoft 365 also offers several key business benefits, including: 

  • Remote access and mobility – Microsoft 365 gives your company the freedom to access files and work from any location with a stable internet connection.  
  • Seamless team collaboration  From Teams to Outlook to Planner, Microsoft 365 makes it easy for users to communicate and stay on the same page. 
  • Enterprise management  In-house system administrators can manage user accounts, access privileges, and app configurations, all from a centralized console.  
  • Reliable services  The Microsoft 365 infrastructure is proactively maintained, updated, and backed up by teams of professionals, ensuring 99.9% service uptime.
  • Predictable IT expenses – Microsoft 365 is charged on a fixed per-user, per-month subscription fee, so you know exactly how to budget your IT spend for the year. 
  • Scalable IT infrastructure  Since Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service, you eliminate the need to buy and maintain servers and software. If your business grows, onboarding new hires is as easy as adding more licenses to your account.  
  • Comprehensive data security – Microsoft 365 provides multiple layers of security, such as multifactor authentication, advanced threat protection, and OneDrive backups, to keep your data safe and sound.

How we deliver

We start by conducting budget assessments so we can objectively recommend a suitable subscription plan for your business. From there, we’ll optimize your networks for the cloud, provision accounts and licenses, and migrate your existing data to the cloud without disrupting your daily operations. Team Tech Solutions will even help integrate your email servers, configure cloud settings, and train your employees and administrators on Microsoft 365. 

Once everything is set up, our team will continue to provide round-the-clock support so your Microsoft 365 environment always runs optimally. 

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