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The Cloud is one of those intangible things. It’s a place you may never see nor truly understand and can only reached via the internet.
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Outsource IT. Simplify Work. Refocus Efforts. Save Time & Money.

Cloud Services, sometimes referred to as web services, are IT resources, systems or assets made accessible to people over the internet. Cloud providers can offer organizations a range of cloud services, including: private cloud setups, cloud migrations, cloud backups and software applications that operate from remote locations.

As a local cloud provider and experienced cloud services company, Team Tech Solutions champions all client, cloud-based: IT infrastructure, software and business technology projects. The outsourcing of all IT and Cloud Services planning, implementation, and management responsibilities, helps our clients streamline business activities so they can complete their work from just about any device, anywhere, anytime!


Why Choose Team Tech Solutions as your Cloud Services Provider?

We are a Total Technology Partner
Whether your business relies on on-premise activities, or requires accessible mobile employees, we can provide the necessary IT and software services you need. We’ve been in the industry for a very long time. We know how to effectively develop and deploy cloud services for the benefit of our clients. We can also offer a range of alternative services catering for unique business needs. And we can do it all in-house, using our multidisciplinary team. We’re not just another cloud provider, we’re a total technology partner!

We Are Business-Minded Solution Providers
You would expect a cloud provider to try and sell you cloud services. We’re different. We focus on solutions to business problems. We’re not interested in selling the latest fads and fashions. We’re not into buzz words and gimmicks. We only recommend cloud services to our clients if it helps them: produce a competitive advantage, contain costs, minimize downtime, reduce wastage, and overall contribute to a happier, smarter, more productive workplace.

We are Highly Trained and Experienced
Our team of experts is comprised of tertiary educated and qualified, computer/software engineers. We have IT specialists, IT business analysts, IT infrastructure architects and Public/Private/hybrid cloud experts all rolled into one. Our IT solutions are built upon foundations of practical project experience, so you get solutions based on tried and tested platforms or technologies each and every time.




    Benefits of Utilizing Cloud Services:

    Downward Pressure on IT Expenditure
    Cloud services can alter the way you invest in IT systems. Large amounts of upfront capital are replaced by smaller, manageable, pay as you go – pay as you scale – service models. Outsourcing reverses upward pressures that arise from adding personnel and software. It also means you don’t have to needlessly sink costs into physical assets or hardware.

    Physical Space can be Reclaimed
    A traditional IT setup can involve a number of servers, cabinets, and other hardware items all housed in a dedicated area that is specially provisioned with air conditioning and uninterruptible power. Cloud services can free up this space for other uses. Cloud can also potentially reduce desk space utilized by a range of other IT devices.

    Reduced Hardware Responsibilities / Obligations
    We all know nothing is made to last forever. Hardware can, and will, fail. But when you use cloud services you essentially free yourself from the responsibility of managing that hardware. If a server fails, a hard drive dies, a switch or router stops doing its job, you need not worry. Your cloud provider is responsible. Warranties and replacements are not your problem.

    Quick Resource Provisioning / Decommissioning
    The modern day business needs to be able to adjust or adapt to changing market conditions very quickly. This may mean hiring or releasing personnel. It may include adding or reducing hardware. It can impact on computing power, storage space or system speed. With Cloud services, all of this can be altered quickly and easily resulting in greater business agility.

    Improved Accessibility & Mobility
    Cloud services can make your business systems and data securely accessible over the internet. This translates to: on-the-go, real-time, real-world, innovative work activity. Imagine how much time and effort your staff can save with the ability to work anytime, anywhere. Imagine the productive gains from reduced data duplication and double-entry. With a business-minded cloud provider, your possibilities are endless!


    Cloud Services

    The Cloud is one of those intangible things. It’s a place you may never see nor truly understand and can only reached via the internet. Large amounts of hardware can be operated in the cloud, it is also a place where:

    • applications are installed and utilized,
    • business data is kept both safe and accessible,
    • cloud technologies combine with IT services and simplify IT infrastructure,
    • IT maintenance requirements are lowered,
    • IT system reliability is increased, and
    • mobility is added to your workforce.

    Cloud computing allows organizations to convert large upfront capital costs into small manageable operating costs. This ensures businesses have convenient, on-demand network access to a broad pool of shared resources. In effect, cloud services:

    • shorten IT purchasing and IT upgrade cycles,
    • increase scalability,
    • allows almost instantaneous change,
    • promote innovation,
    • frees-up physical space, and
    • connects and enables anytime, anywhere operations.

    Through cloud services or cloud solutions, organizations can open the door to an unlimited range of work opportunities.

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