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Microsoft SharePoint

Your content is stored and organized in one place, providing you with the ability to share and access from virtually anywhere. We offer three approaches to the licensing and implementation of Microsoft SharePoint.


  1. SharePoint On-premises: Traditional on-premise implementation.
  2. SharePoint Online: Moving completely to the cloud.
  3. SharePoint Hybrid: Adopting a blend of on-premise and online SharePoint.

SharePoint Online Migration

Our Microsoft SharePoint Online Migration services is designed to move businesses away from more traditional storage and file sharing solutions to a cloud-based platform designed to increase collaboration and productivity. Unlike standard Microsoft programs such as Word or PowerPoint and file servers, SharePoint has dozens of solutions that can be applied to various situations. 

SharePoint Upgrade


Upgrading your SharePoint from on-premise to SharePoint Online is well worth the time and effort. It helps move your organization’s content to the cloud making it much easier to acess. SharePoint Online is a powerful content management system that goes beyond basic file storage. It’s a central repository where people can organize data, share and collaborate on files, and keep private records safe.

SharePoint Support


Our team provides quick and easy solutions for your issues and answers end-user questions. We can also guide you through general how-to questions as your SharePoint environment grows and provide advice on maintaining a secure workspace.

When you implement a Microsoft SharePoint solution through Team Tech Solutions, you sign up for a local and experienced Microsoft partner to help you make the most out of Sharepoint. We are here to fine-tune and customize the solution for you and design a technology roadmap to suit your business’ growing needs.

SharePoint Implementation

Depending on your organization’s size, structure, and requirements, we have three approaches to the licensing and implementation of Microsoft SharePoint. You have the option of:

  1. Staying with traditional on-premises implementation,
  2. Moving entirely to the cloud, or
  3. Adopting a blend of the above two services (hybrid model).

If you are concerned about your data being accessed by others, the option of having all your data stored locally in your servers would be best suited. Although the on-premise deployment option allows for greater security, customization and business intelligence, it is not a good option if you want your solution to be scalable or offer remote access.

Benefits of SharePoint to you business


SharePoint can streamline business processes and make it easy to collect and store data in one place. It also encourages information sharing, transparency, team collaboration, boosts productivity and benefits your business in the following ways:

  • Improves the management of data.
  • Simplifies business functions and workflows.
  • Adheres to strict regulatory compliance and data security.
  • Highly optimized for content delivery.
  • Robust functionality and customizations.

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