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The Team Tech IT Solutions SharePoint support team provides quick and easy solutions for your day-to-day operational issues and answers end-user queries. We can also guide you through general how-to questions as your SharePoint environment grows and provide advice on maintaining a secure workspace.



Microsoft SharePoint for human resource (HR) management and internal communications

Microsoft SharePoint serves as an excellent tool for HR management to simplify employee hiring and onboarding processes, efficiently maintain employee information, and track staff performance.

Enhanced HR management solutions

Microsoft SharePoint serves as an excellent tool for HR management to simplify employee hiring and onboarding processes, efficiently maintain employee information, and track staff performance. 

Maintain employee information

Create and maintain up-to-date employee-related information such as addresses, emergency contacts, payroll and benefits data within SharePoint. Assign appropriate restrictions to ensure employee information is accessible only to authorised personnel.

Onboard new employees

Ease the stress for new hires by creating a single hub within SharePoint with all the necessary information they need on their first day and beyond. Make it easier for them to connect with peers and supervisors and understand their roles and responsibilities. Take advantage of SharePoint’s automatic task routing and in-built forms for a smoother onboarding.

Keep everyone informed

Get employees excited about your vision and keep them engaged by creating a platform to share thoughts and ideas, provide feedback and have live discussions on projects. Use SharePoint as a social platform to help employees connect and find the latest information about the company and its developments.

How we deliver

Team Tech  IT Solutions are Microsoft partner and SharePoint specialists focused on assisting companies with migration, upgrades, support and implementation of Microsoft SharePoint.

Our technical skill-set is difficult to match, specialising in designing, developing and implementing SharePoint technology to establish:

Student management solutions.
Employee management systems.
Case/Event management portals.
Donor management systems.
Client management solutions.
Staff portals.
Mobile assessment tools.
Our team works closely with human resources and communications team to track and manage employee records, unify the recruitment process, analyse staff compensations and automate the HR processes in your organisation.

Discover use cases for Microsoft SharePoint

TLearn how you can take advantage of SharePoint’s versatility to supercharge your HR, sales and marketing, quality and compliance, operations, and finance and accounting teams.

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