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Lead Management Solution

Developed using Dynamics 365 for Sales; the lead management solution is best suited for organizations; interested taking advantage of digital intelligence to predict customer requirements and propelling their business forward.

The Empower IT Lead Management Solution helps high velocity sales teams streamline their lead management process and close deals faster. This solution enables sales professionals to efficiently categorize / prioritize their qualified leads and manage their sales pipeline better. In addition to assisting sales teams cope with the huge volume of incoming leads; the Empower IT Lead Management Solution equips salespeople with the necessary knowledge; that enables them to have personalized communications with potential customers and uncover new business opportunities and drive revenue growth.

Software Features: Team Tech Solutions’ Lead Management Solution

Team Tech solutions’ Lead Management Solution provides businesses with actionable insights and easy access to their lead / opportunity data. Features include:

Lead Scoring and Prioritizing –Team Tech solutions’ Lead Management Solution provides automatic lead scoring functionality that salespeople can use to score leads based on specific business criteria. They can also prioritize leads based on how soon they are likely to close, the customer’s interest level and size of the deal. Sales managers can use this solution to build lead pipeline or assign leads to individual sales reps based on their skills and experience.

Lead Nurturing and Campaign Management – Sales teams can transfer the leads that are unlikely to close by a certain period to the nurturing funnel and use the Lead Management Solution’s nurturing and campaign management functionality to educate them about the business or followup on a regular basis.

Opportunity Management – Sales professionals can easily convert a lead to an opportunity (and vice-versa) as well as manage the various stages of the opportunity without having to switch systems applications.

Activity and Goal Tracking – With the Lead Management Solution; while sales managers can track the planned and overdue activities of their team members; the sales reps can choose to receive notifications when they need to followup on a lead or contact.

Outlook and Email Integration – The Lead Management Solution also offers seamless out-of-the-box integration with Outlook and email. This integration provides salespeople the ability to schedule customer meetings, keep track of key milestones, and email customers. Furthermore, Empower IT offers custom integration options for businesses using other email providers.

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