Managed Firewall

A firewall is the first line digital defense of your business. Well-configured firewalls will halt malign or dubious traffic attempting to access your local network and you can limit and control employee’s access to the internet. Firewalls IS NOT an anti-virus software; however, it will protect your entire network. It is of the outmost important that all businesses have a firewall system that is properly configured, monitored and up to date.

Here is where Team Tech Solution steps in to help you with our managed monthly support plans which include configuration, monitoring and updating, amongst other features. With managed firewall we will take care of the hassle of worrying over getting hacked, so that you can focus on your business.

Some of the benefits of having your firewall managed by the IT support team at Team Tech Solution are:

Reduced costs

You will save time and money on having to hire costly qualified technicians. You’ll still benefit from strong firewall technology as well as having it managed and maintained by our team of IT experts.

Staying up to date

By not upgrading or patching your firewall, you’re putting your business at great risk. Threats in the cyber world are occurring at such rapid pace, that updates are constantly needed in order become vulnerable. 

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery simply means getting your IT back online. It’s impossible for any business to be protected 100%. Because of this, it is our promise to our clients to guarantee full and fast recovery in the event of an unfortunate downtime in their business. It is our commitment to prevent potential damage to your network. We also guarantee back up of the digital data of your business.


You would be impressed by the exponential number of cyber-attacks that occur every minute, from any geo location worldwide. With our managed monthly support service plan, you will receive comprehensive reports on all the threats your business is exposed to. With us as your third-party service provider, you will benefit from a constant monitoring of threats to your network. We offer a managed solution, done by experience IT professionals tackling the loads of your systems while looking for irregularities or security breaches in real-time.

Outsourcing this responsibility to Team Tech Solution, as your IT support provider that uses remote monitoring tools, means updating your systems is no longer your worry. These updates will be done on time and your business will be secured from cyber threats.